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  Cape Clear Memorial - North Harbour

I show Pat Con Ó Drisceoil of Cumann Iascairí Cléire in front of my favourite memorial on Cape Clear Island dedicated to all those Islanders lost at sea in the 20th Century. The plaque and associated bell are tastefully set into the wall of the ancient graveyard, overlooked by the 12th Century Church, dedicated to St Ciarán. Visitors will find it by walking a short distance in a westerly direction as they leave the main Island Pier. They will see the great majority were lost during the Second World War when the numbers of islanders engaged on the high seas was at its zenith. Sadly many paid with their lives for their brave endeavours to support their families at home. One of these sailors, who survived, Concubhar Ó Donnchú told me that such was the sterling reputation of the Cape Clear seamen that any Cape man discharged in any port in Ireland or the UK could expect a berth on the next ship into port with a berth to fill. Last to be let go, first to be hired again, such was their worth!.

It was Pat Con who inspired and commissioned this memorial in memory of these hardworking and brave men and all who fished and sailed from the Cape. Ní bheidh a leitheidí arís ann. May they all rest in peace.

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